New year, fresh start.

Welcome to the 2015 school year.

During this year the library will be undergoing two significant changes.

We will be re assessing our digital content and creating a new look library webpage. This will have links to a plethora of digital material.

We have also started the process of looking at a new Library Management System that is almost a smart as Google! Well perhaps not quite a smart but you will be able to search not only the library print collection but the digital collect.

We welcome the new Library Manager – Wendy Rutten and look forward to working with her this year. If you need assistance with any resources, learning or teaching needs make sure you ask Wendy as well as our other qualified Teacher Librarians.



eBooks @ TSC Library

Would you like to borrow an eBook?

If the answer is yes then come to the Library at lunchtime on Tuesday 26th August. The Library staff will show you how to borrow a fiction or non fiction book from our  eBook platform, Wheelers.

We are currently adding new titles that we think  you might enjoy either as a novel to read or a book that you can use for your research in the subjects you are studying.

If you can’t come to the Library for the demonstration then collect a pamphlet from our Help Desk . The pamphlet has simple instructions on how to set up your laptop or iPad so that you can borrow an eBook to download onto your personal device.  You can also talk to a member of the Library staff for more help. Currently, eBook loans are  for 1 month.

Here are some of the titles we have added recently:


See you in the Library soon!

No Dogs Ears During Science Week in Library









The library welcomed a special guest during Science Week, ‘Buddy’, the Great Dance. Accompanied by a vet and vet nurse, who spoke about the requirements of becoming a vet, Buddy was a popular attraction. He was not alone though, a baby Magpie which had been rescued also made an appearance. All the excitement was well received by both Buddy and students.

Book Week Competitions

Join in the celebrations and enter our competitions. What can you do to enter?

Competition 1

Design a bookmark. It could be related to the Book Week theme: Connect to reading…….

Competition 2

Write a slogan (a short sentence) that finishes this phrase:

I love reading because………..

Lots of great prizes to be won: book vouchers, books, library book carry bags as well as certificates.

For more information see the Daily Bulletin and read the posters displayed around the College.

Book week 25th-29th August (Week 6)

The library comes alive to present Book Week in Week 6 (25th – 29th August);  Connect to Reading – Reading to Connect

 Everyday there will be a host of activities for students as well as teacher centred features.


Lunchtime activities

Monday Bead and Read– Students can create their own jewellery beading creations whilst we talk about a range of exciting books and resources.

Tuesday What’s my ebook again?  – Students will be shown how to download an ebook in a fun and interactive way

Wednesday Design a book mark competition – prizes are up for grabs as students create their own book mark

Thursday Book Reading Listen to the soft voices of tales from the past

Friday – Announcement of winner of book mark design competition – prizes, prizes, prizes

Ongoing activities  throughout the week :

“I love to reading because……” art wall – Prizes for best comments

            Book Mark design competition – Prizes for best design


Get into your Elements

Science and chemistry students will be excited to know that there has been a new acquisition in the library taking your studies to a new element.

The Elements : The new Guide to the building blocks of our universe.


Author Jack Challoner takes you on a descriptive and illustrated journey of the elements in the periodic table from Hydrogen to Lawrencium. Topics include the history of elements and covers Alkali metals, transition metals, Lanthanoids, Actinoids, Boron group, Carbon group, Nitrogen group, Oxygen group, Halogens, Noble Gases, Transuranium Element.