On the move at last!

Hi everyone, great excitement! After many months of noisy building works around the area of the Walsh Building, stage 1 of the Library redevelopment is finally (well almost) complete. I know that we are all heartily sick of loud machinery, drills, jackhammers breaking up concrete, beeping noises from moving equipment, glass shattering and all manner of building activity while carrying on ‘normal’ lessons in nearby classrooms but  as the year draws to a close it is nearly all over. We will soon have a state of the art wonderful Learning Hub where the students and staff of the College can teach, learn, explore, create and relax in the years to come.


Just before the holidays, those of you who use the library on a regular basis will have noticed that the library staff started to pack their belongings ready for the move to their new location. This process actually started earlier in the year when we had to quickly packed up 15,000 books in Textbook Services and relocate them to what was the Teacher Reference Area in the library. Following this major event the library staff gradually continued preparations for the move to their temporary home in stage 1. Furniture to be moved was identified and numbered, many books considered to be in poor condition, out dated or no longer of any curriculum use were withdrawn and given to students or other schools. As well, much planning went on behind the scenes as we worked with the interior designers in choosing some really modern furniture to suit our needs, selected colour schemes for the interior furniture and fittings and discussed what landscaping would best suit the building surroundings













Finally last holidays the removalists moved in and packed all furnishings, books and equipment that we could not take with us to stage 1 into a huge container and moved the remainder to what was the old Crystal Palace and the newly enclosed undercroft.

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Science Magazines

Our library subscribes to four magazines from the Philip Allan Review range: Biological Sciences Review, Physics Review, Chemistry Review and Psychology Review. These are excellent magazines with useful, clearly set out information suitable for Yr 11 or 12 students.

Please note digital issues of the current print volumes are no longer available. However, extra online resources are
available for free at Magazine Extras so you can get more from each magazine. Once you are at the website, you can click on the “Extra resources” button to access the information.

If you would like to browse through or borrow these magazines, please visit us in the library.




Wheelers ebook platform

We have subscribed to an e-book platform, Wheelers, and bought our first 70 titles.

As our hard fiction collection has been packed up as part of our library upgrade, and most of it won’t be available till the beginning of 2014, we are keen to test out reading via this platform. All our students have been added as users, though they have yet to get themselves Adobe usernames and passwords, which they need to actually read the e-books. Computers will need Adobe Digital Editions software downloaded, and people with iPads should download the free app for Bluefire Reader.

  • Obtain a free Adobe ID (required to lend ebooks). Apply for an Adobe ID here.

Since one of the library staff members has one already, we tried an experiment with the help of our Tech Support Officer at school. …And Voila, the first book has been borrowed!! Anne chose Forgotten by Cat Patrick, a teenage novel with a twist in that the protagonist ‘remembers’ the future, not the past. We chose fiction titles we thought might appeal to students who were already familiar with the electronic environment, as well as a number of non fiction titles. So far, a disappointment has been that we can’t just buy new fiction of our choice – for example, Burial Rites by Hannah Kent, a local Adelaide author, who has written a brilliant debut novel. The reserve list for this novel will just have to be satisfied by hard copy for the moment.

Our e-books are currently set for a four week loan, and once students download them, they can return them early or wait for them to disappear from their device. Early days yet! On our list is organising a button for Wheelers on our College Home Page, and sharing our experience with other interested librarians at a hub group meeting a bit further down the track.